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A location can be so much more than just a background. While location scouting we transform a script into a frame, a board into reality. The location itself where your vision can be manifested. We love to go on the creative challenge to find the place you are looking for and to advise on the logistical requirements to set up your project into the right environment. So you can go ahead and do what you do best. Film the scene, shoot the picture & create your vision.


In many cases we have the location you are looking for already in our database. We constantly feed our database with new and inspiring locations to have them ready when you need them. Send us as many details as possible about your project so we can support your search.


Turning a location into a set can be a long and challenging process. We advise and support you

with all the vital information you need to set up

your production.

We organize location recces and accompany you in the decision process. We offer 360° photo & video footage in case you can't come yourself and offer live location recces.

We already took clients in the deep forrest, on mountain tops, to far away beaches, hired tanks, helicopters and even elephants to get the shot done. We know how the city works to get you that permit you need.

Our experienced crew knows how to fix things.


We love happy clients. As a service production we take care of the complete organization of your vision. We know it takes a bit of trust in outsourcing a production, so ask around about us if you feel like it.

We partnered up with Conradt and Friends for many years because we like to work with professional crews and facilities we know and we trust. We believe that production is a team effort so we established a wide service network in Berlin, Germany and Europe.

In the process of setting up a service production, and with constantly changing objectives during prep, ideally all information and departments flow together.

It's a clever choice to outsource this, so you can enjoy the show.

"I love it when a plan comes together."

- Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith

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